I Found Joy

in not only taking, but editing and sharing my photos with you

I've taken photos throughout my entire life, but only over the past couple of months I became truly aware of how much joy doing so brings me. Looking back and connecting the dots, I realised that photography, in different shapes and forms, has been by my side in some of the most critical moments of my life.

It started as a kid, when my dad was so passionate about putting his Kodak film camera to use with any occasion he had.

Back in 2009 it picked up again. That's when I moved to Amsterdam, where I lived on my own for one year and a half. It hasn't been easy at all and taking photos quickly became my closest friend. I would spend hours on end walking on the streets of Amsterdam with a camera in hand. During one of those walks I even took a photo that I managed to have showcased in a proper exhibition, alongside photos of other 24 professional photographers.

Fast forward to just a couple of months ago, I stumbled upon a gorgeous photo book about New York City, which I decided to take home with me. This book inspired me to start making more use of my camera. So I did and, yet again, photography came to rescue: it brought me the peace, the focus, the joy I was longing for, while making my way out of a full year clouded by depression and anxiety.

All of a sudden, I couldn't stop kicking this - what seemed like such a crazy - idea out of my head: what if I started editing and sharing my photos with the world? I decided to trust my instinct, even though I could already see how my rational side would try talking myself out of this for a million reasons.

I now dream of my very own website, prints, books, exhibitions and collaborations via which I can share my photos with the world, with you. I don't know where this journey will take me, but I know it brings me joy now. There's nothing I want more than to pay it forward and share this joy with you.

For your interest and support, forever grateful,


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